Delectable Delights Made with Love

Everyone loves freshly made, straight out of the oven baked delights – especially when the texture is moist, fluffy and soft, almost like you ate a cloud. It is when you take one bite and all the heavenly flavors starts to burst in your mouth. Well, you can now put an end to your daydreams because Bake My Day serves just that!

If you have been to All Day Supermarket to do your groceries, you probably have been enticed by the aroma of the freshly baked goodies from Bake My Day. Every day, their passionate chefs carefully bake each pastry, cake and bread to perfection. They ensure that not a single baked product would miss Bake My Day’s special ingredient—Love.

Bake My Day offers a wide variety of freshly baked goods like croissants, loaves, danish, muffins, cakes and more. Each product is a masterpiece freshly prepared by professional chefs. As per them, the magic is in the endless experimentation into making each bread, so more people can enjoy it.

Their price-winning cake is probably the Moist Chocolate Cake! This cake is an absolute dream – the cake itself is rich, dense and not too sweet. The chocolate frosting soft, light and full of amazing flavor.  It is the kind of cake that will make you and your friends satisfied and happy. It is made to perfection!

For delectable delights, there is no getting enough of the taste of their Sweet Potato Cake! Their Sweet potato cakes are among their guest’s favorite bakes – from the crisp of the crust to the soft and flavorful core -- the best sweet potato cake twist ever made!

Besides breads and pastries, Pasta, Soup and Sandwiches like Baked Macaroni, Mac and Cheese, Arroz Caldo, Tuna Salad, Pumpkin Bacon Bisque and Chicken Alfredo are some of the items that are now available on their menu. They also offer Iced and Hot drinks that is perfectly paired with their delicious pastries. You can also call their store branches for customized cake orders for your special occasions. Crazy, right?

We are not only talking about their products here – but also, let me give you a walkthrough inside their stunning interior decors. Entering inside their store is a whole new mood – from modern and classy furniture with blue accents on the walls and tables, to bright lights and comfortable seating – needless to say, this place is definitely a perfect spot for a chill and relaxing ambience.

Bake My Day started last 2017 and managed to open 20 branches in 3 years and it is mainly located inside Vista Malls and Starmalls. They opened their first branch inside a supermarket in Vista Mall Taguig. It began with a mission – To bring extraordinary and hand-crafted bread into the lives of one’s home. While sustaining the brand’s promise, the business itself inspires to cater a wider market by expanding and opening new store branches nationwide and they are excited for you to try their products soon!