Bread to love at first bite from Bake My Day

Imagine entering into a newly opened bakery store for the first time and smelling the fresh-baked pastries from the oven which will make your heart skip a beat and crave some sweet and fluffy pastries! 
Whether you are running late on a 7 am morning call, going on an errand or binge-watching movies past midnight, eating bread is a good way to satisfy your hunger without getting that post regret after finishing a pack of junk food or a box of doughnuts.
In addition, you want to make sure that if you’re going to enjoy something, you might as well go for the best of the best. Hence, we give you the top 5 different kinds of bread from Bake My Day that can make even your most carb-Phobic friend not resist these divine bread temptations!
Mini Ube Cheese Breads
Ever since this pandemic started every Filipino has been going crazy over baked Ube Cheese Pandesal and businesses are competing nonstop to have the best version there is in the market. The unique yet comforting sweet flavour of ube yam mixed with the salty cheese flavour can surely make anyone say yes to your little cravings. Try Bake My Day’s no-fail, Mini Ube Cheese Bread! It is also available in smaller bites which makes it more addicting. 
Blueberry Danish
Another pastry that made it to our list is Bake My Day’s Blueberry Danish. Its crisp and flakiness will make every bite unforgettable. Topped with luscious blueberry and creamy custard, this bread is worth every penny! Talking about its appealing colors and appearance, surely a perfect pair for your cute picnic dates outside. Gorgeous on the outside and gives you even more satisfaction in every slice.
Pork Floss
There is a huge possibility that you are not a true bread lover if you haven’t tried Pork Floss bread once in your life. It's a finely shredded pork floss carefully cooked in soy sauce and sugar that can make anyone drool, definitely a Chef’s Kiss! Not to mention that its sofly baked bread, glazed in honey making it even more heavenly!
Sushi Roll
Sushi Roll is the fourth on our list. Perfect for all the adventurous people out there, who is always willing to explore anything, wherever and whenever. Bake My Day’s signature Sushi Roll, “California Maki in Japanese Bread” is packed with fresh cucumbers, ripe mangoes, cheese floss and of course, carefully rolled in seaweed. Just by its name, there is no doubt that it has become one of Bake My Day’s best sellers. Give yourself a little treat this weekend and there's no doubt that Bake My Day can surprise your adventurous taste buds!
Chocolate Croissant
Saving the best for the last, Chocolate Croissant is everything you want! It is a freshly baked bread by Bake My Day. Anyone from different generations from Gen Z’s to Boomer will enjoy indulging in our very own Chocolate Croissant. Undeniably scrumptious, you’d make sure you get every slice all to yourself. Croissants are one of the complex bread to make but its complicated process is definitely worth the munch.
This is the sign to spend your weekend with a fancy delightful morning brought to you by Bake My Day.
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